You can live months without food and weeks without water, but you can live only minutes without air….

The nutrition provided by air through breathing is even more vital to your health and longevity than that provided by food and water through digestion. Breathing influences the body’s bioelectric balance just as diet influences it is biochemical balance.

There are two types of breathing: cleansing and energizing:
The cleansing breath detoxifies the body and stresses exhalation.
The energizing breath collects and stores vital energy and focuses on inhalation.

Everyone unconsciously practices both types of breathing every day. Whenever toxins in the bloodstream are high or the energy level is low.

A sigh is a spontaneous cleansing breath – a quick inhale followed by a long forceful exhale. By contrast, a yawn is a spontaneous energizing breath – a long, slow, deep inhale, briefly held in the lungs, followed by a short exhale.

Question: Did you yawn while reading this article? You have just experienced one of the mysteries of the breath and you have been energized!