Golden Pill


The Pill of Immortality (Golden Pill) was an elixir or pill sought by Chinese alchemists to provide physical or spiritual immortality. The search for the pill was started several centuries BC, and continued until 500 AD and was often based on gold. The prize was given many names: The Golden Elixer, The Pill of Immortality or the Golden Pill.

The emperors and the nobility of China searched for the pill aided by a strong tradition in Taoism. The search was divided into two differing schools. One school of thought advocated consuming special substances. This occurred during the Han Dynasty and was collectively known as the School of the External Pill. The other school of thought, the school of „Internal alchemy“ believed that one could create the „immortal body“ within the corporeal body by a variety of actions involving dietary, respiratory, and mental practices such as meditation.

This quest for the pill is similar to the search for the Holy Grail and the Fountain of Youth. Man seeking immortality.

Many believe that there is no easy answer or a quick fix in life. The answer (or Pill) is a joyful and disciplined approach to life. A routine of a healthy diet and gentle exercises that will help you enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.