Vítání jara na Karlově mostě


On a cold spring morning the Full Moon gave way to a brilliant spring day … Spring brings happiness, flowers, songbirds and green grass … The Earth’s love is on display. We would like to thank our friends who shared this beautiful morning with us. We would also like to thank our friends who were…

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Qi Gong in the Mountains


East West Qi Gong celebrated the coming of Spring with a workshop in the Krkonoše National Park. The workshop was filled with morning and evening Qi Gong sessions, beautiful hikes, a Spring fire ritual and a night of disco dancing. The people that attended discovered a little more about themselves and returned to Prague with…

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How, Where and When


How should I practice? Do what feels natural … this of course means something different to all of us.  However, in an effort to provide you with some guidance, we offer the following suggestions: Clothing Wear loose, comfortable clothes that do not bind or constrict breathing. The meridians (energy channels) are like a garden hose,…

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Golden Pill


The Pill of Immortality (Golden Pill) was an elixir or pill sought by Chinese alchemists to provide physical or spiritual immortality. The search for the pill was started several centuries BC, and continued until 500 AD and was often based on gold. The prize was given many names: The Golden Elixer, The Pill of Immortality…

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You can live months without food and weeks without water, but you can live only minutes without air…. The nutrition provided by air through breathing is even more vital to your health and longevity than that provided by food and water through digestion. Breathing influences the body’s bioelectric balance just as diet influences it is…

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